E40xx series guitars with bound fretboards
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Quick question for those of you who own a E40 series acoustic with fretboard binding: Are the fretboard edges rolled?

I fell in love with my E6OM-TC, the neck in particular is as seductive and welcoming as any guitar I own (acoustic or electric), with fretboard edges rolled just perfectly. The longer I live with it, the more I like it. It's an amazing guitar.

My E10OO-TC, however, has only lightly rolled edges, and with the size of the neck, could definitely use more, but that's a project for a future date.

So my question - do the necks with fretboard binding, specifically say, an E40OM, have rolled edges?


Yesterday, 04:17 PM

  Alvarez Acoustic Guitars
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I've actually been around longer than Alvarez guitars, but they've always been there as far back as I can recall. Never played one I didn't like. I just bought other brands as they popped up (mostly electrics when I was still a noisy guy).

I recently stumbled over a used Alvarez MDA70CE at "Guitarget" and it test-drove very nicely (though a shoe box with a rubber band stretched over it sounds great in GC's acoustic room). Price seemed fair, but I was in a hurry that day, so I didn't buy it. I did a bit of research that night and discovered there are Alvarez guitars and there are Alvarez Yairi guitars, which are made in Japan and widely regarded as superior instruments.

Even though the MDA70CE is not a Yairi, I remained intrigued and went back to see if it was still there (they do have a 45-day cash back guarantee after all) but it was gone. So that's more or less "settled" and now that I'm no longer waffling over a maybe/maybe not decision, I want to do more research and learn about the distinctions between regular "Alvarii" (that is the plural, yes?) and the more sought-after Yairis.

What can you good folks tell me?

Yesterday, 02:27 PM

  Silking Question- E8OM TC
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I’m excited to share that I just ordered a new E8om TC! I already own an E8D TC, as well as an E1D. I absolutely love Eastman!

Anyways- In looking closer at the pictures, I notice that there isn’t a whole lot of silking on the soundboard/Sitka. In contrast to my other two Eastmans, they both have a considerable amount of silking/feathering. Does this trait correlate to sonic qualities/sound? I’ve read mixed opinions on this, but assume some of you own Eastmans with similar tops.

I’ve yet to receive the guitar, so I realize that pictures often aren’t a true representation of the actual instrument. I can’t imagine that Eastman wouldn’t use an excellent piece of Sitka for their higher end instruments (or any for that matter). Just figured I’d get the opinions of you guys. I look forward to sharing pictures once I receive the guitar!

Yesterday, 06:08 AM

  Taking A Break...
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Hey, everyone -- this is to let you know that I won't be around here for the next few months. I'll be taking a break from EGF as there's too much going on in my personal life right now that needs my full attention. I will be back, but it may be July or August when that happens! 

Take care of the place until then!

05-24-2024, 06:54 AM

  E40OM-TC long scale
Posted by: TomC - Forum: For Sale / Trade and Online Deals - Replies (1)

Well it looks like I should learn to leave well enough alone. The long scale just isn't my thing. Plus I kind of splurged on a couple of other recent buys. This is the limited 2021(maybe 2022) E40OM-TC - torrefied Adirondack/Rosewood with the long scale 25.4" and Bourgeois bolt-on neck. The neck strikes me as a medium depth, soft V feel. Nut is 1.75". The guitar is in excellent+ condition. The only alterations is a strap button on the heel and a clear pickguard in lieu of the standard tear drop. Comes with original upgraded 6 latch hard shell case. Price is $1800 OBO includes shipping. Any payment fees are not included. 

This is an exceptionally well made guitar. Very nice ringing trebles with more bass than the short scale. Let me know if you have any questions.

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  Eastman OM sized guitar 2 5/32" enough for 80% fingerstyle?
Posted by: groove311 - Forum: Eastman Acoustic Guitars - Replies (5)

hi there,
the models Eastman are selling, shows a bridge string spacing of 2 5/32"

I think i'm used to wide finger spacing around 2 5/16" or something close like potomac 2012 by eastman pvo 28 dlx

Do you think 2 5/32" like most OM models, this would be wide enough bridge string spacing for 80% fingerstyle playing?I have medium size hands. I also prefer not to go for parlor or small sized guitar because I prefer OM sized.


05-20-2024, 06:03 PM

  Dulling out truetone glass
Posted by: Greg1075 - Forum: Eastman Acoustic Guitars - Replies (3)

I was originally interested in having the finish totally removed and have a satin finish applied on my E6SS-TC, but my luthier isn't equipped to do it and doesn't recommend it, mostly due to cost from what I understand.

However, they could dull out the high gloss finish (which I assume means just slightly sanding the very top coat), which I'm considering. Anyone had this done or did it themselves? Yay? Nay? Any advice ? 

Thanks all.

05-19-2024, 01:47 PM

  Going back to Bone after 1 year od Tusq saddles. E40om-Tc
Posted by: Gustavo Eiriz - Forum: Eastman Acoustic Guitars - Replies (2)

Hi there, a year ago, i decided to try tusq saddle. After a while playing it i thought that it lacked bass, the high notes where great and sustain was crazy but it was a little unnatural.
So I came back to Bone original saddle and the lows where there again, high notes are less resonant nevertheless.
I guess you cant have it all at the same time. Any ideas?

05-14-2024, 08:43 PM

  Help size/nut width/saddle/bridge of Potomac PVO 28 for Eastman same??
Posted by: groove311 - Forum: Eastman Acoustic Guitars - Replies (2)

Hi there my friends,

Hope your day is going well. Trying to buy Eastaman same I bought a Potomac
at a local shop for around $400 
around 2012 that for me was nicer than my old Taylor.
It seems it was the version OM or Potomac PVO 28
(solid top, laminate sides and back) not 100% 

Potomac $400 was much comfier than taylor.
I am 5'6", medium-large hands I think (pretty long fingers for 5'6" guy)
My shoe size is 11.5" US so it gives you an idea.

The spacing at the bridge/ saddle 2 5/16" Nut width 1 3/4" It seesm from what I read. 

ing at the bridge/saddle was wider than the taylor 814ce

Therefore my friends, which guitar do I need to buy from Eastman.. that would match Potomac pvo 18 or pvo 28.. (OM) made by Eastman back in 2010-2012 around there Big Grin

Kiss me, My heart will go on, You're still the one demo - Krandor LV100 Bard Aradune Everquest LD3 - YouTube

Money wise around $1500-$2500 I would like to spend. 

05-13-2024, 06:36 PM

  Pickup for E10SS?
Posted by: DFB - Forum: General Chatter - Replies (5)

New guy in the block so if I put this in the wrong area my apologies.

Any suggestions? Thinking of a Baggs Anthem or Schutler at this point but open to any and all feedback. Also peeked at a couple of K&K. It's just for me - home player but like to experiment and willing to spend the cash upfront vs trying to save a buck and then end up spending it again on a better unit.

Thanks for any guidance.

05-12-2024, 07:42 PM