Sad E1D Special
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I bought the last Eastman E1D-SP in stock at LA Guitars. The photos there are of the very guitar that I purchased. I have only two criticisms of it. The fingerboard needed to be stained and oiled again (Maybe a little tightening of the QC department would be good.) and the finish is a little thick on the top along the bass side of the neck (I would have preferred the satin finish). However, overall it was a very nice-looking instrument.
I changed the tuners to Gotoh SE700-P5R in gold with amber buttons, removed the stock pickguard and replaced it with a nicely beveled-edge dark tortoise pickguard, and abalone-dot bridge pins and it looks very nice indeed.
I put Elixir Nanoweb (12-53) 80/20 Bronze strings on it and it sounds like a broken-in Martin D-16GT, which is to say VERY nice! That IS the most important aspect after all! I have always admired the E1D as a GREAT guitar and an amazing value at $579. This dressed-up version is also a very good guitar but, at $779, you may want to keep your regular E1D. Either way Eastman STILL beats out everyone else (except maybe Recording King's best) in bang-for-your-buck value!
America bless God and happy picking!

Yesterday, 09:14 PM

  SB59/V Pickups
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New member here and new to the Eastman family. I just secured a 2018 SB59/V in Amber and it is awesome. I got it brand new in a shop that had it for 5 years, got it with tags and everything. Came with Duncan Antiquity pickups. The shop where I purchased it is going out of business and there are no other Eastmans around. I know they now put custom wound Lollar Imperials in their guitars. I’d like to know the general tone difference between the Antiquities and Lollars in this guitar. Other than one pickup set being potted and the other not, has anyone done a genuine comparison between the two? As the Lollars are custom wound and not available for separate sale, I have not seen a solid comparison video online. Can anyone comment on the true tone differences? Thanks!

Yesterday, 08:28 PM

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Just got in this model today from a shop in Houston...I'm in the Buffalo area. Sounds pretty good unplugged but terrible while plugged in (LR Baggs Anthem). The low E and A strings are very loud and touchy and the other 4 strings have almost no volume with the piezo pickup. I spoke the shop that sold it to me and they have idea about possible loose connections from shipping but I'm feeling I won't be keeping as making repairs to brand new $2,400 guitar doesn't sound great to me.

I have a feeling a professional setup and maybe tusq saddle would have improved sound...but having issues out of the box is disappointing.

12-04-2023, 06:56 PM

  E1D v E2D v E3DE
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Wondering how these models compare. It's hard to find anywhere that has all three in stock. I have played the E2D and loved the tone and warmth. I heard the E1D is just as impressive. I am interested in the E3DE as I've never play or heard a guitar with ovangkol.

Would love to get some opinions. Hopefully will help when it comes to making a decision.

Thanks in advance.

12-03-2023, 05:38 PM

  First Guitar
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Hey all,

I play an Eastman mandolin, but no experience on guitar and am looking for my first. No one around me carries Eastman, but I’ve been able to see the basic entry brands like Yamaha, Alvarez, Guild. I am really curious about the Eastman necks, especially OM compared to GA. I’m debating between the two body styles, as I want an all around guitar to start with, as it may be my only one for some time. From trying a few other guitars, body shape didn’t concern me, but some necks felt better than others. Is there another brand or model that you would say Eastman is closest too? I am going to have to buy sight unseen and really don’t want to get it and then not like the ergos of the neck.



12-03-2023, 07:51 AM

  New Potential Buyer
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I've owned a Taylor 614CE with Fishman Prefix in the past...I loved that guitar and I never should have sold it. Over the years...I've looked for that model again with no's been 20+ years since I've given up.

I do not really care for the new ES2 from Taylor either. I currently have a Taylor 416CE with ES2...but I'm not crazy about it.

I do have a Martin DC-16GTE with Fishman Prefix that I love...but I dropped it years ago and there is still a cracked in the back that was somewhat fixed...but not for aesthetics.

On to Eastman...

I was looking at the newer AC522, AC622 and AC722.

They seem to match the Taylor modeling for tonewoods for easier comparison.

My first thought was to go with the AC622...but I also like the warmer sounds my martin puts out...and I'm no longer playing in a band...just solo. So I changed my thoughts to the AC522 or AC622. Most says the rosewoods are better for singers/solo...and that the mahogany is much more mid sounding.

I do not have an Eastman dealer near me so I'm looking for the best thought la from users.

It is also very important to me about the LR Baggs quality. Anyone have experience with ES2 that was not a fan and preferred the Baggs?

I know that's a lot. Just wanted to give background. Thanks in advance for the help.

11-30-2023, 07:20 AM

  Thinking about acquiring a rosewood OM.
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Thought I'd pose a question to the learned Eastman owners on this forum. I'm contemplating the acquisition of either an E8om or E20om. I don't have the opportunity to try them locally so it will most likely be an online purchase. Wondering what differences to look for between the 2 if any other than the sitka vs adirondack tops. Any and all insights would be appreciated.  

Thanks, TC

11-28-2023, 03:12 PM

  Replace Tuners.on E10 00
Posted by: Swbyrne2 - Forum: Eastman Acoustic Guitars - Replies (4)

Hi, can anyone recommend a straight replacement tuner for the E10 00, the Ping ones that came as stock have had it, they have been fine, no complaints but I would definitely prefer a.quality upgrade I can install myself. Any help or.advice appreciated. Thanks in advance

11-22-2023, 02:49 PM

  New (to me) T486
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[Image: lqqRJVW.jpg]

Saw this on FB Marketplace, local seller, nice guy, 2022, as-new condition. Very fair price, couldn’t resist!

Great guitar. I like it better than the Custom Shop Gibson 355 I sold last year.

11-21-2023, 11:45 AM

  Halfway Home - Tommy Emmanuel cover
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Hey all - 

Great song and tough to play! I was hoping to capture a more "mistake free" version, but will roll with this one. If you want to try and learn it, I recommend Tim Van Roy's channel on YT; his videos helped me learn this! Recorded with a Tascam Portacapture X6, on an Eastman E10 OM TC.

11-21-2023, 11:15 AM