Pulling the Trigger E1D
I am needing another Dread. I have owned a 1980 Guild D25 purchased new in 1980. Been a great ride. Love the guitar. I'm not impressed with their affordable China Westerly series so I picked up the E1 last at a dealer last week and it checked all the box's and had a wonderful tone. The quilt TC finish is awesome. I saw a you tube review and this guy was showing how heavy the neck was. It would drop to the side in his lap if he didn't hold on. I didn't test this at the dealer and wonder if was or still is true?  Would like to hear any input you may have on my selection. Thanks
Hey Tom - I've not had an issue with neck drop. I don't think you will have an issue with it. Congrats on the E1 guitar. That's a great series for the price - I think you will enjoy it!  Let us know your thoughts once you receive it.
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Thanks. Picked it up Saturday. Great guitar but may have an issue with the tuners.

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