Neck Attachment? Dovetail? bolt on?
Hi, I have made a fair few videos on YouTube playing my Eastman E20-P and E40-00. Recently I was asked about the neck joint.
I couldn't find anything that indicated the bolt on style so assumed dove tail or similar. Does anyone know? 
Also, (I doubt this), but has anyone any experience of neck resets on an Eastman flat top?

I'd be grateful for any info. 

Thanks in advance.
Hand fitted dovetails
Joined with Titebond glue.

Also, following some of the controversy from Martin's recent changes on including neck resets in their lifetime warranty coverage (inc. older guitars), Eastman told me that they would evaluate any neck reset issue on a case-by-case basis and request the guitar be sent to them for review.  There are a couple of threads here, which you may find via search, which discuss this in more detail.
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Thanks both. I have no issues at present, but people sk e al sorts of  question on my YouTube channel - and on AGF etc.
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Hello everyone, is there a thread somewhere or a document that shows what kind of neck joint Eastman uses on all their models? TIA.

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