Eastman E10 OO vs E10 OO SS
Anyone have any comparisons of these two, sound wise that is?
I don't. I have an E10 OM. I'm probably wrong but maybe the 00's have a slimmer nut. Sound wise I'd think they would be close. I'm having a fit myself with little help other than buy & try. I like the OM size best and now I'm looking at the E80M-TC too closely ha
Eastman's website lists the SS version nut at 1-11/16. The non-SS version is listed at 1-13/16.

I don't have direct experience but if it helps, the youtube sound samples by Ian Meadows and Stageshop reflect the actual sound of my E10OM-TC with remarkable accuracy. I bought the guitar online and remember being surprised at how closely it sounded to their reviews the first time I played it.

Having just watched the videos of the SS, I can say with absolute certainty that I need to stay away from youtube guitar videos.
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The non-ss version seems harder to come by these days, which is too bad --but also a relief as eastman E00's (non-ss) would seriously test my GAS resolve. 

Maybe the 1 13/16" nut has limited appeal, though I thought it was a fairly unique selling feature  setting these models apart from other concert-sized guits. (I played a few E10 P's and enjoyed the space.) And maybe we'll see wider OO availability in the future.

This, below, is a hog-top demo. i really like Owen's sensibilities here, what he draws from the instrument.


enjoy, all best!
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Beautiful guitar! And well played - great feel.
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(02-15-2022, 01:48 PM)Al30906 Wrote: Anyone have any comparisons of these two, sound wise that is?

I've played both the 12-fret 00 and 14-fret 00 SS, although it was a long time ago.  My daughter owns an E1OO-LTD, which is the same design as the E1000 12-fret, just with an open pore Sapele body.

Both are smaller body guitars, so neither one is going to sound as full as a dread or even OM.  I think you get a slightly different voice from the 00 12-fret, due to the extended upper bout.  I'm not sure I'd call it fuller, but perhaps a little more projection from the lower notes.  Also, the bridge positioning in relation to the sound hole will be different between the two models, which can create a slightly more aggressive or punchy tone in the 00 SS.  Perhaps I over-simplify, but with the design and different nut width / string spacing, I always think of the 00 as being perfect for fingerstyle playing, and the 00 SS as being a great blues instrument (although you can certainly play either style on both guitars).
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Thanks everyone. I think I’ll stay with what I have.
I own both an E10-OO, and a E10-OO-SS.

The E10-OO has a SERIOUSLY fat neck. Think classical guitar. I play classical, but the E10-OO is more tiring to me to play. Having said that, I do like the sound. I feel it's warm and deep, whereas the E10-OO-SS has a crisper sound, and is also more chimey. The neck on the E10-OO-SS is much more playable, a modern guitar neck. If you need more info, just let me know, mate.

I'd like to boast here that my E10-OO-SS is actually truly unique. I'll get some pictures up. The only non-sunburst I've ever seen.
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