Eastman E series Journey
I'm traditionally an electric player, but as I've gotten older I just can't motivate myself as much with amps and cables and pedals and the constant twiddling of EQ knobs taking me deeper into the black hole that is the search for perfect tone.
My musical tastes have also perhaps softened and now the sound of a great acoustic guitar in the hands of a master is all I need to hear to be content.
I was already a fan of Eastman, owning a T59V for a couple of years now, I'd convinced myself I needed one of their acoustics too.
I was torn between a D or an OM. I found a place that told me they could order me in an E8OM-TC left handed. I didn't even know Eastman made that model for us tortured Southpaws! (Nothing on Eastman's website indicated it either).
3-5 weeks was the ETA. I'm admittedly not a patient person when it comes to acquiring gear and having to wait but I thought I could manage a month or so.
3 weeks came and went, as did 5 weeks, then 7 weeks. I was told by the store they are in the dark until it turns up on their doorstep!
I was getting frustrated and my eyes were straying towards other guitars, uh-oh.
That's when I convinced myself I needed both a D and an OM. I told myself it was time to thin the electric herd to make room and I caved in to desire and ordered an E20D-TC that was physically in stock at another store.
I've had the E20D about 2 weeks now and I'm struggling to put it down. It's my first dreadnought and to my pleasant surprise I adapted pretty quickly to it's size and scale length.
Smitten with the E20D I went back and forth about cancelling the order on the OM but just as I was giving up hope, after 9 weeks, I got the word at the end of last week that it had finally turned up.
It's due to arrive tomorrow and I'm excited to compare it with the E20D and figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each one.
For now he's a couple of photos of the E20D. I am pretty happy with the build quality and finish and the ebony fingerboard is stunning. I think the weight is fine but I've read a lot about Eastman's being on the heavy side. (Maybe it because I'm used to 7-8lb electrics).
I'd definitely say it's the easiest playing acoustic I've owned and I once owned a Martin 000-28EC (It was quite dark sounding and I never fully adapted to the V shape neck).


[Image: BFI7Ria.jpeg][Image: Kn7u5AC.jpeg]
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Congratulations and welcome to the acoustic side of EGF. That looks like a great first Eastman acoustic. It will be interesting to hear your comparison between the dread vs OM and Sitka vs Adirondack.
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Thanks TomC,
I've owned a few 000/OM's so I'm curious how the E8OM stacks up.
The Adi vs Sitka debate is interesting. I keep reading about how Adi is typically stiff and needs to open up etc and it wasn't until getting the E20D that I understand what people mean by that.
It did sound good out of the box, it's hard to explain, but even tho it sounds nice it also feels like it's only reaching about 75% of its potential, if that makes sense.
Time will tell. I'll play the heck out of it and see what happens. It's my first dread and first adi top, so I don't really have much of a baseline to judge it on.
Congrats on a fine guitar…
Thanks a lot, ThemisSal.

The E8OM-TC arrived this morning! Another lovely guitar. Very different animals I'd say. I think the sitka on the E8OM is definitely more open and resonant over the E20D's Adirondack. The whole guitar vibrates very noticeably. The Adi top on the D will hopefully break in more as time goes on but it has that super nice low end but also plenty of articulation too. I'm even enjoying a bit of finger picking on it. I'm guessing the nut width helps out with that?
Both fantastic. To say I acquired both for probably £700-£800 less than a Martin 000-28 is insane. I can see myself growing very old in the company of these 2 Eastman's. I want to say I'll stop here but I'm already telling myself I need a 00SS haha! Not sure if they even do them left handed though.

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Congratulations on the two new ones. I think you need to get into a Gibson groove - try an E10SSv or for smaller E10 00SSv. Enjoy!
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. John Lennon

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