Eastman AC630 String choice
I have the recommended 12's on my AC630 Jumbo but I think 13's will make the guitar sound better. Less quacking on the "g" string. I had the guitar plek'd and set up exactly how I like it, but the 12's just seem too light. 

Any thoughts out there?
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I've only tried D'Addario XT and XS on mine. They last so long and sound great, that I really haven't experimented much. But I've only used lights on it. It can probably handle 13s but they're not my favorite unless I'm tuning down a half step or to drop D, which I don't do with the jumbo.
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If the guitar has scalloped bracing it has been my experience they are made to sound fuller using lighter gauge strings ( typically what they come with) And going to a heavier gauge string would pull the top up as it did on one of mine few years back.
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