Bear Claw
Congratulations. Enjoy. I have a soft spot for slope shoulder mahogany guitars. The bear claw adds some nice character. Good luck with the back. Persistent back pain can suck the fun out of a day.
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I forgot to mention that The Acoustic Shoppe shipped a Boveda humidification system and a SensorPro humidity sensor with the guitar at no extra charge. The Boveda was over the strings and down in the sound hole. I went to the App Store and downloaded the SensorPro app onto my Mac mini. The SensorPro sits next to my hygrometers and I used those readings to calibrate the unit. My guitar room is humidified in the winter and de-humidified in the summer. So I won't need the Boveda, but it's cool that they shipped the guitar with one!
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At some point, maybe from the beginning the Acoustic Shoppe realized that good customer care reinforces customer loyalty and sales. They aren't the only ones, but yes - impressive!
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