Antique Varnish finish
I’m amazed at how stunning the antique varnish finish looks, however, in all the pictures I’ve seen, it appears to be very red.  So while I think it’s beautiful, it may be a bit too loud and red for my tastes.  Does anyone think this finish might mellow out over time, maybe turn a little more brown as the spruce ages?
It's hard to say.  It's definitely a color, though, that doesn't photograph well.  I have an E10SS/v and I love it, and mine doesn't look as red as it did in the pictures.  It's more of a darker orange.  Regardless, I was also a bit concerned about the color, but I really do like it, and the feel is outstanding. The relic'ing on mine is also as subtle as I've seen, which I like.  Some are a bit overdone for my tastes.  It's currently my favorite guitar (of 3 eastmans and a martin).
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Mine is definitely red with moderate relic-ing, and it looks very cool and unique.  I am not expecting the color to fade or change, but anticipate some natural wear will join the wear that came with the purchase.  Smile
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