A solution to monitor humidity in-case

Wanted to share a cheap and kind of effective solution to monitor in-case temperature and humidity.
I live in a changing climate zone - very dry in winter (20-40%), humid in summer (45-70%), very humid rest of the time (even more). One day it can be 40%, next day its 70%. All of this gets me very concerned about survivability of guitars that i own.

Unfortunately keeping a non-laminate guitar outside of its case is a bad idea with such changing environment. Thus i've decided to keep all my guitars in tight cases. Tight cases are supposed to normalize the humidity conditions inside cases if i have 30%-70% humidity jumps. So, ive done it. But it kept me concerned - are the humidity levels in cases really between those 45-60% ?

This began my search on a cheap and effective way to monitor humidity levels in several cases at once and having daily\weekly\monthly statistics on temperature and humidity levels without having the need to open those cases.I do know that vendors like Daddario offer such things. But they cost a ton. My solution is 15x times cheaper Big Grin
Will try to provide a simple instruction with pro's and con's of this solution.

What you will need:
1x Android or iOS smartphone  - with bluetooth and a Mi Home application installed (can be downloaded in Google\Apple stores)
1x Account with xiaomi - you will use it to login to Mi Home app. Can be created from app itself.
1x Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth thermometer - these cost about 3-4$ on chinese trading sites like aliexpress. Be sure to take the version with screen and bluetooth. They are small + have a little sticker that you can use to stick it to any surface. Fits in any case, is powered by a battery.

How its done:
- turn on the thermometer 
- open the Mi Home app (be sure to allow it to use your phones bluetooth)
- search for available devices, it will find the thermometer
- name the device as the guitar you want to monitor
- put the thermometer in the case > close the case > viola
- use the app to connect to the thermometer when you are in the bluetooth range (about 5-10m depending on wall type\ thickness)

- cheap as hell. Basically 3$ per case.
- this gets live and pretty accurate data
- data is being stored in the thermometer > app reads the data when you connect to thermometer. This allows you to see daily\monthly\6month graphs on how your case temperature and humidity has changed during times
- Mi APP can monitor multiple of these thermometers - so its a major plus if you have lots of cases to monitor.

- Bluetooth only - so you are limited to those 5-10m. Thus you will not be able to see how your guitars are doing when you are outside of home.
I've given it some thought, came to a conclusion that this can be dealt with. The solution will require an active internet connection,router, a bit more investments, and some tinkering with gateways\routers\DNS (or DDNS, if your external IP is not static). 

Here are some screenshots from the app.
First one is the home screen, here you will see all your sensors. I've named mine "Eastman Case"
[Image: image0-2.png]

And here are some temperature reading for this month.
I've added the translation of my not very-firendly russian interface (the app can be used in multiple languages)
[Image: image0-1.png]

In conclusion of my little FAQ i can state that humidity in my E6D-TC case holds up pretty much ok. We had 40-75% humidity during those monitoring days that are on the last screenshot.

Hope this will be helpfull.
Very ingenious Mr.Slowpoke! Thank goodness I live in a temperate zone which doesn't present me with such problems.
''Bad company done got me here …'' - Rev Gary Davis

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